michael tuttle

ww12   3X3   2017

3X3 is an 8 channel live electro acoustic piece which aims to generate varied works from a limited sonic palette as well as make transparent the oft opaque process of experimental electronic music. These ten tracks were each recorded live in front of an audience or in a studio setting. The only alterations made from those recordings were to tighten their timing and adjust dynamics, otherwise they have been left as live performances.
Although the computer is one of the most powerful tools humans have created, in a performance setting it can seem to usurp the sovereignty of the human performer. An audience can often not distinguish between what is live and what has been pre-recorded or prepared. The computer operates as a black box, a discontinuity between input and output. This situation then inures an audience to a sense of alienation and separation.
Instead, 3X3 aims to extend the digital domain while maintaining a firm performative footing. Eight speakers are set around the room, in a grid pattern with three on each side. The performer and audience sit within the grid. Sounds are recorded from common objects such as a sheet of paper, marbles, a whisk, and a water bottle. These harvested sounds then become distributed around the space, channeled through the speakers, delayed and layered creating a complex multi-dimensionality of sound. This technique allows the listener to follow the process by which the physical is abstracted, the physical objects effectively transform a space through their digitised omnipresence.
Pierre Schaeffer’s intent with his objet sonore was to explore the hidden musicality of the sonic environments we find ourselves in. This piece extends and reexamines that mission. From an aesthetic standpoint, 3X3 offers a window into the rich sonic lives of the banal objects we surround ourselves with but also offers an approach for deconstructing music while organising sound into musical forms.

Stereo and 8 channel wav files are available upon request.


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Solo for Whisk and Speakers from Michael Tuttle on Vimeo.