michael tuttle

Michael Tuttle (MA, Universität der Künste Berlin, 2016) is a sound artist whose work can be characterised by a reflection on the oppositional forces of sound and music. This is manifested by experiments which examine the relationships between sonic events (sound/noise) and traditional formal aesthetic structures. A primary intention of his work is to question notions of the hierarchy of power dynamics and perception. To untangle the threads of contemporary music from the underlying bed of psychoacoustic and historical precedents.

As a performer Michael draws from developments of musique concrète, reevaluating its discursive methods and semiotic process. Buried within every- day sounds, sounds which are so ubiquitous and banal that we have grown deaf to them, are inherent qualities of rhythmic and melodic gesture. By examining these characteristics it becomes possible to create new modes of musical expression, not unlike subtle variation of folk musics from one region to the next.

His multi-channel laptop performances digest sound material forcing it into a deconstructed/reconstructed dialectic with minimally processed feedback creating a delicate interplay between the rigidly dictated and aleatoricly spontaneous. He reexamines Schaeffer’s concept of reduced listening and re- posing it in relation to sound and physical spaces.

Michael has worked with film makers: Helene Tragesser and Evgenia Gostrer, dancers: Akemi Nagao, Jozefien Beckers, Frederike Doffin, and Inna Krasnoper, the theatre director Daniel Kahn, as well as produced numerous solo albums and solo performances.

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